About Me

Darren began drawing at age three. Whilst in grade one, his curious mother decided to enter one of his works in a Melbourne art competition held by 3AW. Invited to 3AW to collect his prize was greeted by a number of people including the runner up and winner of the competition. Somewhat shy, Darren was called to collect his prize walking up to the podium spotlight firmly fixed on him the attention somewhat overwhelming. Greeted by the presenter, Darren shook hands collected his prize and returned to his mother. Walking off stage, Darren began to cry racing to his mother’s arms. His mother clarifying asks Darren “why are you crying” Darren remarked loudly, I wanted a toy! As you could imaging the entire crowd erupted into a fit of laughter. As they say the rest is history, to this day Darren works incredibly hard in delivering world class imagery for his clients.


Darren’s vision is simple, to provide high quality specialised 3D technical animation and product visualisation image services to government and commercial industries, such as aerospace, military, medical, and automotive, for primary use in marketing campaigns and product prototyping.


Darren’s vision is to ultimately be recognised globally as a key influencer and opinion leader in the evolving area of design communication, having extended the technology and process used in producing leading edge product and technical visualisation.

Core Values

  • Develop optimal solutions based on individual customer needs.
  • Produce work of the highest standard.
  • Work with you in a collaborative manner towards the right result.
  • Customer centric focus.


  • Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment: Major in Animation
  • Diploma of Illustration
  • Diploma of Screen and Media


How I work with you:

  • Receive your initial inquiry and project requirements.
  • Talk with you about the specifics of the project.
  • Submit a bid/quote for the job.
  • Upon bid approval a pro-forma invoice will be submitted.
  • Advance payment of 50% will be collected to begin work.
  • Communicate with you at production milestones.
  • Complete final production for approval.
  • Upon approval, remaining balance payment of 50% required.
  • Release of commercial usage certificate issued.
  • Follow-up phone call made, ensuring client satisfaction.

To achieve the desired results flexibility is taken into consideration depending on project requirements.